OAK – FS2 2016/17

St Augustine's School

OAK – FS2 2016/17

Red Nose Day 2017

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What a wonderful day was had by all in Oak. You all looked amazing and we raised lots of money for a great charity.


FS2 & KS1 Talent Show

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Watch this fantastic Talent Show by our younger children in school for RED NOSE DAY 2017. They did a fantastic job and I think everyone will agree they are very talented individuals.

FS2 & KS1 Talent Show – RED NOSE DAY 2017 from St. Augustine’s School on Vimeo.


5+ Readers

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Well done to all the children who have read five plus times this week.  The reading that you do at home really does make a huge difference to your reading and writing in school.


5+ Readers

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Well done Oak for being amazing readers this week 🙂


Free the dinosaurs

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This week in FS2 we had a tricky job to do that really got our brains focused on problem solving.  How could we free the dinosaurs from the ice?  We had lots of good ideas.

Can you remember what you tried?


Dinosaur prints

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This week was a colourful one in FS2. We had been inspired by our book about dinosaurs this week and decided that we wanted to create some of our own. We didn’t have the exact colours that we wanted so we experimented with some colour mixing. All this colour mixing took place on our hands.

For the dinosaurs long neck we used a paint brush!

What colours did you mix together? What colour did this make


World book day

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A wizard visited to tell us a story and introduce us to his dragon.


What a fantastic week we have had in FS2


Cops and Robbers

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Next week in FS2 we will be exploring a new story.

Cops And Robbers by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

The robbers of London town plan a desperate crime one Christmas Eve – to steal all the toys they can lay their hands on! Fortunately, the robbers meet their match in brave office Pugh who leaps into action and arrests the villains – all except Grandma Swagg who manages to get away.

Have you read this story before?


Busy last day of term

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What can we do in FS2?

Well we are fantastic at reading, writing and maths.

But what we have been amazing at is being kind, sharing, playing and growing together as friends.

And today we topped it off by cooking together again.

We had fun doing this and we loved eating it too…. that must be a basis for many lasting friendships.

The FS2 Teaching team can’t wait to see you all again next term.

Have a wonderful half term 🙂


FS2 and Year 2 Working together

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Year 2 came to read to us and listen to us read and they were all very impressed with our reading skills.  We then showed them all the fantastic things we like to play with in Oak. All the children had a great morning.


Comparing Height

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Today in FS2 we began exploring the story ‘Giraffes Cant Dance’. We discussed the main character ‘Gerald’, we decided that he was very tall. This made us think about how tall we are.

We have been comparing our heights and trying to find who the tallest person in FS2.


5+ Readers

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Fantastic effort this week from Oak class with 14 children reading 5 or more times at home this week. Thank you parents for your support, you make a real difference 👍🏼😀


Every child a reader

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For any parents who were unable to attend our recent literacy meetings I wanted to share with you some of the information that was covered.  Please see this clip that was shown and discussed.  It just how important reading and exposure to vocabulary is for children.



Fruits from around the world

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This week we have been using our senses to touch, feel, smell and taste some fruits from around the world. We had mixed reactions but loved the experience.

Can you remember which fruits you liked?



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Fantastic effort to all the children who have read five or more times at home this week. A big thank you to all the parents encouraging and supporting their child to read. Well done 👍🏼😀


Dinner winners

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We are so proud of all the children in Oak Class for winning the trophy this week.  We could not stop smiling with pride 😀❤️


Who’s In My Family?

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This week in FS2 we will be exploring a new story.

Who’s In My Family? by Robie Harris

‘Who’s In My Family?’ continues our theme of learning all about ourselves.This story focuses on the people that are part of our families. It explores the concept that not all families are exactly the same.

Who is in your family?


5+ Readers

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5+ Readers

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Well done to all the children in Oak Class who have read five or more time this week, you make us very proud 🙂


Let’s get cooking

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We have been very busy this week in FS2 making biscuits. We had to work out how to use a recipe so we could use and measure the correct ingredients. The children loved exploring and mixing the different ingredients.

Can you remember what ingredients we used to make our biscuits?


All about me

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This term in FS2 we are looking at what makes us special. The children loved exploring their faces using a range of mirrors to create self portraits.


What colour eyes do you have? What colour is your hair?


Me… Comparing Measurement

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After reading our new story ‘Me…’, we noticed that the penguin from the story was continuously comparing himself to different types of measurement.

‘I am Small.

We decided that we would like to compare some measurements of our own.

We compared our height and then our hand size.

What other sizes did we compare?



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This week in FS2 we will be exploring an exciting new story.

Me… By Emma Dodd

‘Me…’ is a story of a little penguin who gets lost in a huge world but discovers a reason to feel big

What do you like about this story?


Preparation for our Christingle service

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This week, with the help of our friends in Year 5 we learnt about the symbolism of the Christingle and how to make one and hold it safely when it is finally lit during our service at the Priory Church.

Can you remember what each part of the Christingle represents?



Let’s share :-)

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In Oak class we have a new rainbow ribbon; it is great fun and we like to make different shapes and letters with it for our friends to guess. But we all wanted a turn and had to put our thinking caps on to find a way to share.  This is what we did.


We used the sand timer to measure the time until the next turn.


We were obviously fantastic at making shapes and letters.

And we did some amazing counting while we waited our turn.

Can you remember what shapes and letters you made with the rainbow ribbon?


Amazing Addition

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This week in FS2 we have been attempting some pretty amazing tasks.




We completed our first piece of addition! Identifying the amount of monkey food and writing a number sentence about it.

Can you remember what the symbol for addition was?


5+ Readers

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Well done to all the children in Oak Class who have read five or more time this week, you make us very proud 🙂



Magic maths

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This week in FS2 we have been challenging ourselves by learning about number formation, number recognition and improving our counting skills.

img_0763 img_0766


What numbers did you recognise?


Super readers 😀

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Well done to our super readers in Oak class who have read five or more times this week.




Let us see more faces here next week.



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FS2 have been noticing lots of changes occurring in the area around them and decided that we needed to explore this further.
img_0713 img_0714 img_0715 img_0716

When we came back in September we had lots of beautiful green leaves. These have now changed colour and have been falling off of the trees.

We decided to take a walk around school and look at what other changes in our environment we could see.


What did you notice on our walk around school?


Building houses

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Whilst reading our current story ‘ The House in the Night’, we begin discussing our own houses.

We decided that we would make a house in our outside area.

img_0727 img_0730 img_0731


What did we use to make it? Was it big? Was it small? What did we use to protect us from the weather?


5+ Readers

November 6th, 2016 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

This week in Oak 10 children have managed to read 5 or more times.


There are some new faces on here that haven’t been on before. This makes Miss Hanna and Mrs Parry very happy!!

Can we aim for all of Oak class to be on the blog next week?



Funny bones

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img_0656 This week in FS2 we have been working with Little Skeleton from our book ‘Funny Bones’. Little Skelton told us about lots of the bones that we have in our bodies to help us label them.

img_0655  img_0652


Can you remember which bones we learnt about?


Lobster feet

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We had fun in Oak class this week creating Lobster paintings with our feet.  Can you remember how it felt?

image image image  image

image  image


Something fishy in FS2

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The children got fishy in our outside area this week handling different types of fish and then used some great adjectives to describe how they felt. Can you remember how they felt?

Slimy *  Soft *  Cold  * Wet * Yucky



image      image


Let’s get writing

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In Oak class this week we literally got down to write and develop our pen control.  We traced our hands, wrote our names and drew our own portraits. We were all very proud of the results 😀






Super Readers!

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We want to encourage all of our children to develop a love for reading, so please read with your child each day and make a note in their reading diary.  It is a great time for you to spend together, it develops the basics of how to read a book, as well as their speech and literacy.  Let’s get the whole class pictured in our five plus readers blog next week. Happy reading 😀



The Rainbow Fish

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Our topic book this week has been ‘The Rainbow Fish’ which is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share. Oak class got creative using different colours and materials to collage our giant fish and paint a rather large octopus.image


We used our small world characters to make up stories with our friends.

image And got rather good at catching and counting fish.

image image imageimageimageimage

We even built a water run.

image image



A big thank you

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Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who volunteered to attend our harvest festival celebration with us today. Your support is very much appreciated by the staff and all the children.


Five plus readers

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Well done to all the children in Oak class for reading this week and a special congratulations to our children who managed five plus reads this week 🙂



Superworm is super fun

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In Oak class this week we have been enjoying Julia Donaldson’s book ‘Superworm’ and some fantastic worm related activities. image

We created our very own wormery.


Made some great worm paintings.


And worked on our cutting skills.


We also celebrated some of our fantastic readers. Well done Oak 🙂


Very busy spider snacks

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Oak class were very busy this week making some healthy spider snacks. Unfortunately they were too tempting so didn’t make it home for you to try😃

image image image image image image image


Messy play

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We had great fun in Oak class this week getting messy in the shaving foam whilst we all practised writing our names 😀




Staff Talent Show

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Once you have watched all the ACTS below please then vote once on your favourite one.